there is a reason i’ve got so much ‘junk’ . boxes and cabinets and suitcases full of all sorts of crap. in the house  – under the house – behind the house. bits and pieces of mechanisms from houses – appliances – cars – bikes  –  wheelchairs – furniture –  kitchen sinks  –  radio – test equipment – tape recorders.
and then  a funky issue requires an innovative solution – we wallow in that soup til the screamingly obvious thing smacks us in between the eyes.  powerful shit actually.  then igor has let loose and made this bafflelator mechanism. out of a twirly screw thingy from a edwardian window adjustor and a chopped off corner of 70s turntable. the mechanism moves the whole  40mm polystyrene baffle from quite distance away – to hard up against it. interesting. so the plate is totally a winner now. can do very natural dirty realistic warm reverberation in many dimensions. he also has a very searing short short delay setting . phazing almost. hard as a nail direct across the plate. a freakingly dynamic effect. – a welcome addition at the coalface. i’ll add some good soundfiles to this post asap.  it really sounds awesome.