igor and i have been souping up my old home made plate reverb. getting it working again now that it’s  plywood home slash export crate is finished .  checking the plate tension. and refitting the pickup and driver units. my hotted up general radio amp serves as the new low distortion driver stage.  Ive piggybacked a balancing transformer to the pickup amp so that it can run a long way into a control room microphone amp .  ace3 is a quick test jammed track with the plate all over it.  now we’ve found a big 40mm slab of polystyrene to fit as a baffler. and as i type igor is beavering away on making the  baffle adjustment device. the bafflerator . sure to baffle. the plate is very natural sounding – if by natural you mean stuck down a 500ft rock pit.  moving the dampening polystyrene board up closer to the plate (but not touching) dramaticly changes the reverb time. bump that block right up onto the plate to physically damp it. .. and the sound is amazing. bonking and  baffing and plonking. . its a whole freaking new genre.  the plate is being used next week at york st studios in auckland for a live to half inch half track valve tape recording machine (ekadek’s tube  ampex) session with nathan haines and band. completely wild out there sparking jazz. should be a great day.