this prototype microzoopa preamp is for to drive a xover unit of a mono 2-3-4-5 way stacked up sound system. it has a single fat fet phono amp with L R input switcher mixer. xfaded with a line input ; also with L R mixed input. it’s a MONO outputting box – so the option to mute an input channel (left or right) if there’s too much out-of-phase signal between them. is actual instant remix. a musical/sonics choice to make standing up with the four way pile’o’speakers . all transistor amplifires inside.

970 nz$ +ship . (1550nz$ for stereo) have nailed this microzoopa design. tests, experiments, and tweaking. i added a phono gain and master treble trimmer circuit. it has all fallen into place. beautiful neve-ish fat transistor sound. just the simplest of preamp systems . stereo->mono switcher mix . gains. xfader. master volume and tone. banging!

note: this prototype cabinet is an old leak point one preamp. cant keep on destroying them – so the microzoopa of the future will have similar size aluminium newcut/folded/anodized.