this zoopa has two channels mixer. sounds big and hot and fat. made of tubes and transistors. no chips. each channel has selectable two inputs. tube phono or line . each input has gain control. the two channels each have 3 band eq. freqing selectable hi and lo bands. and sweeping midrange with crazy switch. each channel has rotary volume feeding the stereo mix bus. the output amplifiers fed by the master gain is 1950s pultec MB1 tube amplifire. real fat master output driven directly isolated balanced full strength . the mix bus back inside also feeds the monitoring booth output amps. and also the variable recording output . the metering and headphones outputs can monitor either the stereo mix OR the listen circuit. .. which is a direct from input switched stereo mixer of all the inputs – for cueing purposes. phono 1 – line 1 -phono 2 – line 2. listen individually or mixed together with the pushbuttons. a definitely hot sounding mixer.