this ekadek zoopacut controller. it’s function : to final fine control and monitor a stereo program .. sending it thru to a lathe cutting head. also to monitor the phono pickup which might normally be playing back the fresh being-cut cut. the monitoring control department makes proper MIDDLE mixed mono LplusR. and SIDE LminusR diff . to listen and check with. also can switch listen to just left side or just the right . . this is all the begeezuss for fine adjusting a mix to cut a record and checking and listening (see below) whilst making fine adjustments in order to get the fattest cleanest most alive peaked just right sounding records. note: switching and listening easily and quickly to the stuff you need to listen on in order to make the precise correct adjustments is the way to go. yes. it is. anyways – after an appropriate amount of begeezussung the output of the monitoring can send just to headphones, or one, other or both party.mode out the monitoring line level outputs. the unit is all transistor. no chip. 22 fat neve-ish class A amplifires. and the VU meters are as big as smartphones. but only do ONE thing. two things if you count that they light up. the end.