this new vortex reverb has obsessive all transistor signal chain.   input amp -bass eq –  germanium power amp (1 watt!)  with beautiful brittle top end tone controlled – it feeds a 3 long spring reverb tank ( or the speaker- lovely sound ) – then a custom fet / transistor  pick up amp – and then wet dry mixer output amp.  full on .. and sounds utterly scrummy wet wonderful. the cabinet is old!  and yes my pirate action might offend many radio collectors. but i say give these old things a second life.

the germanium amplifier innards of the vortex is disemboweled from a 1960s portable tape recorder.  mr philips and mr grundig are laughing from heaven.

this vortex test 1min16 actually might stink of a triphop bond film. UTTER reverb on the brooklyn track take 007. listen out for the reverb drive switching in and out thru the end part and freakin! watch out for the big freakin tank crash after the end beat.