classic! this true beaut 1964 nz made jansen 6 twenty had a party life. until 10 or 30 years ago flooded with a few brandy and cokes . he got left in a really dusty garage all opened up and has attracted all manner of dusty vegetation.  finally given up to the the local hospice shop . where i happened to ride past and noticed it on the footpath.  what a find.  this jansen is perfect to be the new amplifier for a  live rig.    i can  match it to a bin of four collected  rola 12″ speakers. then plug my valve mixture of instruments/fx into the jansen #1 input  and then. crikey  theres a #2  input still .  for another whole thing.  vocal mix or dj or guitarist chain .. anything.  and it has tremelo. woof!  hes up for the ugliest award of course . he  clearly makes it into the disgusting and creepy category too.