well. it might sound a bit weird, but its true. this phillips constant volume amplifier EV4421 must be the phillips father design of my fat lady limiting amplifiers. the EV4006 model that i found and reverse engineered in 1996 was a bit different . it was set up as a limiter only. and to make him more studio friendly i modified the design to allow more user dynamics control. ive made about 20 custom ones for clients over the years.

this big daddy EV4421 has the limiter circuit AND a pretty shit hot sounding expander . and was used i suppose to turn a program level DOWN OR UP to maintain a constant level at a transmitter input. or any other input.   i cracked the daddy open last night. and after cleaning some oxidised valve pins and replacing a noisey noisey output tube 12au7 this thing fires up and sound great! so im going to draw out this design too while subjecting it a bit more aggressive restorations. and maybe modify to get the threshold controls and timing of the dynamic parameters onto the panel . this  offspring maybe can be named miss expando/slammer –  ninja bride of the fat ladys big daddy . ok. it just got weird.  hope u like these photos. ive never heard any mention of the ev4421 beast before. google is dumb to it as well.

ive just turned on the ekadekatron 16 channel preamp machine. soaking now . and preparing for build of three new transistor mixers.  see the pot of neever atom amps there. they are for 1. a  14 – 4- 2 device for ‘state of mind’ . and  2.& 3.  control room auxiliary mixers ( 16 – 6 matrix & 10 – 2 microsubmixer )  to accompany the big 16 channel tube amplifier . quite a system yes…  my up to now jungle based client has sat-phoned  in sane and safe. his mojo has aligned to the mountainic vibrations and butterflies have tuned his ear canals while he has slept. hes ready to make some more supercharged hits. i could go on but if i devulge any other infos, his secret identity will surely be comprimised.