heres news of the all new ekadek  prototype of this luxury equalizer. igor’s been ages eagle designing and stuffing the operational amps and mothers with the pretty components…  while ive been gathering all the stock and full function experimenting. we’re making enough boards to be for a pair of mono control units and 4 more units of the full stereo control teneightor gyrator luxury model.  full single knob stereo control 6 variable band eq.

the design is a chain of six stages all transistor amplifiers arranged as filters and frequency specific boost cut elements. in circuit order.  low.f filter 27hz.47hz.82hz.150hz.270hz –  hi.f filter 18khz.12khz.8khz.5k6hz.3k9hz – Hi.F eq is  5 treble frequency shelving/peaking  boosting/cutting action  15khz.10khz.6k8hz.4k7hz.3k3hz. first midrange eq is 23 position sweeping type boosting/cutting 70hz thru 1k3hz – second midrange is constant sweeping boosting/cutting gyrator circuit bent with turbo boost switch and resonating hi Q switch. 250hz thru 6khz.  finally the bass eq is low frequency shelving/peaking boosting/cutting action 33hz.56hz.100hz.180hz.330hz. you just dont need more than that.  the whole thing sounds awesome and fat with seemingly miles of headroom and signal adjustment scope . the top end has that gorgeous expensive clear brittle sound . the bottom end is a bodifull  weight and the low low low end is bigbig clean and clear. boost to ridiculous ultra lowness. the two midrange stages are surprising and inspirational with their fine accuracy and schwhooshiness. woof. almost dangerous. all the switching is click/bump free so as to make dubb/dump playing the eq easy and bang free fun. mono units are sold. 2 stereo models are sold. 2 stereo models are for sale.