ekadek ferralgraffa twin preamp

this new ferralgraffa V2 beast. NRU (sexy vintage dutch stuff ) tube mic/di amps followed by two way two freq eqs . enough gain controls and stage input attenuators to get yourself into big big trouble if thats the life u choose. super fat and clean.. or insane demonic with all shades inbetween.

new kaimaitron 4 channel studio

arizona look out!  the kamaitron 4 channel mic/di amplifire with 3 way eqs and stereo mixer. 2 extra stereo line inputs – control room section with tape monitor circuit. whole studio front and middle and back end. all fat transistor amps.

fugly stack of equalization

top of the heap of these ugly/beauty eq prototypes sits the newest ekadek eq test unit for the  4 channel – stereo mixer kaimaitron. smashing brittle two shelf freqing top end – swishey sweeping midrange – fat booming two shelf freqing bottom end.

kaimaitron keeps evolving

plans on the bench for this colour kaimaitron 4 channel mic/instrument amplifier. all transistor. complete with sweet neveish 3 band equalizers, stereo bus, and simple monitors/headphones control. quite large size 505mmx345mm. big sound and flexibility. perfect for tracking – overdubbing – and mixing.

ekadek luxury phonozoopa

super hi-fi music mixer. tube / fet / transistor phono amps. sweet neve-ish console equalizer. fat! 1972 neve-ish transistor amps. potentially bitching mic/instrument channel.  playable effects loop for dramatic functionality.  very tricky music/fx cue headphone system.  2 band >80hz< outputs. testimonies of previous phonozoopa incarnations…. Nathan Haines. composer/musician. “It really is something very very special.…

Phonoekagrapha is Alive

new phonekographa build half complete. two stereo tube phono preamps –  crossfaded onto a stereo bus. 2 other stereo line inputs and a mic amp also feed that stereo bus. the stereo bus can get eqed and metered and set to feed 4 stereo sound system zones. zone 1 is a two way split up…

cat visconti arriving

the cat visconti channel is almost gasp. complete.  just waiting now for a final bit of metal worked rear ass covering solution . sounding perfect . it’s made to be a best quality mono recording channel with mic/di/line stages and 4 way eq and filters with processor insertabilty. the output of that can mix (or…

spooning catvisconti trident totally ekadeked

mind altering breakaway holiday? no freaking way.  the wiring is set and a power supply is made and its been running perfectly hot! . after sorting a couple of easy sorted  errs.  (its kind of difficult thing to photograph cos it lies on it’s side.  spooning).  really does work well tho. set  to try it…

inside the cat visconti

the cat visconti gogo prototype channel is completely rocking. but it looks a bit strange.  it is just the  test bed of amps so far. even with its all unshielded looopey connecting wires and floating switches,  the sound is crystal clear and clean of noises or interferences.  the trident tsm 4 way -with filters eq …

gyrator ten8tor tested

David Chechelashvili is one of the tutors at SAE sound recording college branch here in auckland. he spent time at ekadek mastering an album for ‘battle circus’ last year  and just recently took a luxury gyrator ten8tor home for a try out.  his words. “This EQ is something very special. It seems to penetrate the…