new micro-zoopa

this prototype microzoopa preamp is for to drive a xover unit of a mono 2-3-4-5 way stacked up sound system. it has a single fat fet phono amp with L R input switcher mixer. xfaded with a line input ; also with L R mixed input. it’s a MONO outputting box – so the option…

kaimaitron going stereo

this new 4 channel kaimaitron has extra tricks. each channel can be inserted with processors / fx – switched – and panned thru into a 2 bus.. and along with two further stereo inputs .. has become a beaut stereo mixer. all transistor . has simple monitor control part too so is  a complete small…

Phonoekagrapha Tube / Transistor DJ Preamp

phono. DJ. soundsystem preamps

  ekadek PHONOZOOPA  
tube and transistor super HIFI PHONO / line preamp mixer. 
with tube phono, mic amp, eq amplifier. fx loop.  and 2 band  output.
 can play a record to sound the biggest and richest it can be.
 clear and fat!  an expansive widescreen sound
 right back into the depth of the recording.