ekadek luxury phonozoopa

super hi-fi music mixer. tube / fet / transistor phono amps. sweet neve-ish console equalizer. fat! 1972 neve-ish transistor amps. potentially bitching mic/instrument channel.  playable effects loop for dramatic functionality.  very tricky music/fx cue headphone system.  2 band >80hz< outputs. testimonies of previous phonozoopa incarnations…. Nathan Haines. composer/musician. “It really is something very very special.…

Phonoekagrapha Tube / Transistor DJ Preamp

phono. DJ. soundsystem preamps

  ekadek PHONOZOOPA  
tube and transistor super HIFI PHONO / line preamp mixer. 
with tube phono, mic amp, eq amplifier. fx loop.  and 2 band  output.
 can play a record to sound the biggest and richest it can be.
 clear and fat!  an expansive widescreen sound
 right back into the depth of the recording.