new kaimaitron 4 channel studio

arizona look out!  the kamaitron 4 channel mic/di amplifire with 3 way eqs and stereo mixer. 2 extra stereo line inputs – control room section with tape monitor circuit. whole studio front and middle and back end. all fat transistor amps.

kaimaitron keeps evolving

plans on the bench for this colour kaimaitron 4 channel mic/instrument amplifier. all transistor. complete with sweet neveish 3 band equalizers, stereo bus, and simple monitors/headphones control. quite large size 505mmx345mm. big sound and flexibility. perfect for tracking – overdubbing – and mixing.

kaimaitron going stereo

this new 4 channel kaimaitron has extra tricks. each channel can be inserted with processors / fx – switched – and panned thru into a 2 bus.. and along with two further stereo inputs .. has become a beaut stereo mixer. all transistor . has simple monitor control part too so is  a complete small…

klankalooper and the listenator

been working on these new standard simple products.  the klankalooper is a transistor mic/di  amp with a controlled fx send and return/ mixer . and the (lower) listenator is a 3 input 3 output monitoring controller with two headphone amplifiers with makkie big knob style functionality but none of the big knobs hardness. listenator is…

new klangenschmitt brooklyn model

klangenschmitt  brooklyn model . 18 channel console . all fat neever  transistor amplifiers (40 of the little buggers!) . includes two mic amps – 4 stereo inputs – 3 system output monitor controller – master and channel inserts – 12 channel direct outputs. and each channel has it’s own separate fx send. to facilitate a…

Listenator Monitoring Controller

The Listenator

been fooling around with this listenator design. a wooden meter bridge will be luxurious. yes . functionality. this listenator has 3 stereo inputs. 3 stereo outputs. (1st output has 70hz splitta) 2 stereo headphone output channels. & artist. VU meters . variable level controlled 1 mic input for talkback into artist phones. operates dimmer…

new building alfredo mixing desk

  been working on this  klangenschmitt alfredo console for a crazy cool jazz musician from wellington. after several months exhaustive designing and planning.  today i got the first two channels completely going and sounding really beautiful. these channels are all tube mic/di/line/two way eq/pultec MB1 line output – preamps.    with neever transistor console mixer…

mini-fenkner made of wood

mini fenkner control room monitor controller  – MADE OF  WOOD  ! bevan galbraith of CAPTAIN UKELELES made this from lovely native new zealand timbers with his excellent luthier skills. the laser engraving looks so deliciously slightly wonky. the thing is filled up with ekadek neever transistor amplifiers.

new ekadek neever fenkner brenda

fresh fenkner brenda. 4 channels fat  2 stage transistor mic/di/line neever amplifiers. onboard  insert-able germanium stages.tricky switchey fenkner control room listen machine . simple stereo brenda monitor mixer –  clean clear headphone amp.  all transistor  – no chips.