spitfire console
ekadek spitfire

the big ekadek queen spitfire console. her welded aluminium frame and lasercut panels are done . she will have 10 mike/di inputs. 4 stereo inputs. tube channels. germanium channels. neveish 3 way eq channels. 4 way master eqs with full neve 1080 filtersets. twin sofia fatlady varimu tube limiter amps. 3 head tape echo remote unit with onboard control channel. valve spring reverb onboard channel. tube leslie effect with onboard control channel. stereo twin phonozoopa dj console (center unit – independant – removable) with vermona action filter – master 2 band eq – three way isolator. 2 phonos (tube and fet) 2 lines. crazy phones headphones mixer . 2 stereo busses. pultec MB1 tube output stages – neve B535 output stages . 4 auxiliary fx sends. full thruout pfl function into control room section with onboard small speaker and two control room sends . big fucking VU meters. many other channel vu meters. so many fucking vu meters.