yesterday i picked up the fresh anodized metalwork from tokoroa. marcel from advanced anodizers reckons  he and his crew never have any infections from cuts and scratches. the chemicals have fried all the germs. i wanna take a bath in that stuff. cos i have so many cuts and grazes. i also bort some awesome records from the methodist op shop there.  linda ronstadt – heart like a wheel. mint, echo and the bunnymen  45rpm the cutter , cat stevens – tea for the tillaman, roxy music – flesh and blood, and john barry – conducting an orchestra playing his most famous film soundtrack themes. fantastic. im always struck by the number of ray coniff.englebert humperdink. james last, accordion party hits,  moog meets pop records, and harry freaking seacombe christmas albums . i guess i was too late for the really good old shit. my turntable has worked overtime today. my neices are staying atm . they love saturday nite fever and abba. im glad to oblige cos thats (embarrassing?) is the music of of my teen years. what a old fart.
tomorrow i’ll finish  fine wiring  the scorpion chopped up and start him up i reckon. ooh , and we bort an old dishwasher today – heaven – in a most beaut schlubbish way. no more wasted hours a day, just another noisy 20th century machine all up the place.