heres some pictures of a 2003 custom build that came home with a small but annoying intermittant  issue. actually worked out to be  oxide/fungus  between two signal weilding steel tags.  just needed a clean and tighten. couldn’t we all just.  the guts of this  machine was made in the early 1960s. not too bad. of course i completely ‘ruined’ the once perfectly functional 1/4″ full track tape recorder by  badbinning the tape transport and  hacking into its  multitude of preamplifiers with an  hammond organ spring tank. the rola pro77 was ideal. the little speaker power amp can dish it to the spring exciter and the tape replay amp can pick up the reverberating reflections of spring steelnes . the line input/mic channel … well is still the line input/mic channel.  the old ‘line input / tape replay’ switch becomes a  dry/wet function and ive put a ‘dry to mix in’ control into the reverb pickup amp. there’s also a kill switch ‘dead or alive’ .on the reverb spring drive. theres alot going on with all the preamp modifications. all manner of gain changing and tape eq circuit taming . the result is big fat ultra juicey verb. and you can effect the reverb time by dampening and freaking with the the top there. sugalicks runs this one. i was thinking that any old 3 head tape recorder amplifier channel could do this … so if youve got one spare laying around. get in touch . the tanks themselves are quite cheap and we can talk fair and square about a reasonable mod-freaking-experimenting fee for me and my kids. they kids help alot and need to be compensated.

anyways ….the klangenschmitt gogo2 mixer is almost completely freaking finished . just waiting for some paint to dry. its very cool – sounds amazing and looks utterly mad  :/