a client in portugal wanted something completely hot rod. so after many interweb deliberations i/we have designed and made this 11 rack unit audio submarine amplifier.  5 microphone channels – 1 fat lady valve limiter amp – germanium mic amp line amp preamp –  silicon transistor mic amp/mixing amp. and a valve mic amp.  i made a pretty special rate up for the cousteau diogo hot rod submarine .a heap of bang for not a lot (euro)buck. seeing as i’ve been able to pretty much make these items out of parts in stock. yep … it mite seem to look scruffy but i know hes going to be  blown away by how it all sounds.  and it is as tidy as it requires to be. any tidier would not sound any better. and i dont mind a messey household sometimes. lifes too short. im up to the final stages now of repainting the rustiest panel – then labelling and fitting some galvanised steel covers.