this is the driver attached to the plate with the soldered cylinder brass cone connector. and detail of the barcus berry pickup bud being held tight against the plate with a small piece of soft steel .

this is the remote damper actuating mechanism that i have . its quite a thing well made. the dc motor drives the screw so that the block moves along it. the direction of the screw/block is determined by which button is pressed on the remote. it just changes the polarity feeding the motor. the block would be attached to an folding arm mech which brings a big polystyrene baffle closer or further from the plate. when the block has shifted to either end .. it operates a motor cut off switch so nothing gets damaged. the blue potentiometer attached to the motor gearing adjusts a sense voltage back into  the remote so as to indicate a reverb seconds time on the 16 led display.

so my first compile of sounds ‘plated’ up to their eyeballs. plate testing2.mp3 3meg the plate fx comes and goes thruout. sometimes hard panned. sometimes mixed up front alone and sometimes mixed in the back. ive left some tails hanging and have some beats banging. i havent eqed the reverb send or return and havent laboured over this demo. so its  rough and naked and natural with no beauty mix treatments.

ive changed the pick up set-up so that a very high gain fet (field effect transistor) amp is in the path. it just seems easier than buiding an expensive 4 valve amp with more gain than my in stock devices. the fet amp is small and simple and sounds dam nice actually. it seems to couple to the pickup just right with a very acceptable noise floor. next to do is to fine tune the plate tension to suit and organize the damping mech. not easy. then to create a crate for the whole thing to live in.