tube and transistor super HIFI PHONO / line preamp mixer. 
with tube phono, mic amp, eq amplifier. fx loop.  and 2 band  output.
 can play a record to sound the biggest and richest it can be.
 clear and fat!  an expansive widescreen sound
 right back into the depth of the recording.
 dynamic and frequency response sounds thru the roof. 
has no chips or cheap fake miniature bits. 
just two sweet double triodes
 and one fuck-ton of proper fat 1972 transistor amps.

the mono version for jafa mafia. minizoopa

stereo unit . very transportable.

conch records . auckland city new zealand. a perfect sitch. ekadek tube phono/line preamp. lovely eq.  big tube power amp. big vintage tannoy speakers. this joint resonates and sings! conch is a favorite place to play for aucklands djs.

phono/mic/line/fx mixer preamp to drive 5 way sound system. lion rockers hi fi in new zealand

sound system preamp. tube phono. mic/line/fx mixer for 5 way sound system. golden roots in switzerland.




microzoopa . fet phono stage xfaded with line input . simple fat soundsystem driver.