famous pultec MB1 design two tube mic /di amp. my ekadek clone of it lovingly  built into this  1960s philips portable tape deck. i made this one is 2002 and  have used it with great success to sell the design and portable concept over and over again. as well as stereo and 4-8-16 channel rack unit models.  clients who borrow philip  fall in love with the sound of the thing. its fat and hi-fi – has very low shushed self-noise – no hum –  and has a totally valvi-licious tone. his natural warmth and clarity makes for very characterful recordings. build up  multitrack layers with philip and a mix becomes  super easy. if you are looking for main recording amp good for all microphones / sounds / and instruments – then u just found one. the direct input is especially awesome for bass guitar. so BIG and rich. the amp loves keyboard sources too.

there’s a 150 ohm balanced mic input xlr with phantom power switched and pad. a direct input jack and level adjustable line input jack.
gain control – this alters the negative feedback within the preamp. with a low gain setting (and maximum feedback) the amp is in its most controlled high fidelity state. the higher gain settings cuts out the negative feedback and lets the amp go wild.
then there is a phase switch – self explained. and also an output trim control to fine adjust the balanced floating isolated low low Z  xlr output into when u need to. (best left right up actually – to preserve that low Z)