new micro-zoopa

this prototype microzoopa preamp is for to drive a xover unit of a mono 2-3-4-5 way stacked up sound system. it has a single fat fet phono amp with L R input switcher mixer. xfaded with a line input ; also with L R mixed input. it’s a MONO outputting box – so the option…

kaimaitron alive in boston

kostas from boston just got back with these words. “Greg, Got a chance to play around with the kaimaitron today and holly molly this thing is a beast!!! Couldn’t believe the sound coming out of that sweet germanium box you put in there. The second I ran some drums through it they came back to…

kaimaitron 4 traka

this newest kaimaitron off the block is specific for using to feed a four track tape recorder AND monitor mix that machine. all sweet gain adjustable neveish transistor amplifiers. stereo bus. simple control room. separate artist – engine ear headphone amps. works as 8 into stereo mastering mixer . also has single funky germanium transistor…

ekadek ferralgraffa twin preamp

this new ferralgraffa V2 beast. NRU (sexy vintage dutch stuff ) tube mic/di amps followed by two way two freq eqs . enough gain controls and stage input attenuators to get yourself into big big trouble if thats the life u choose. super fat and clean.. or insane demonic with all shades inbetween.

new kaimaitron 4 channel studio

arizona look out!  the kamaitron 4 channel mic/di amplifire with 3 way eqs and stereo mixer. 2 extra stereo line inputs – control room section with tape monitor circuit. whole studio front and middle and back end. all fat transistor amps.

klankaswoopa reviewed

David Chechelashvili  is a well known modular synth nut and mastering engine ear  around new zealand . he’s  also a tutor at the S.A.E. up in auckland. his words… “I’ve had the Klankaswoopa for a few days during which I ran vocals (condenser mic C414) and bass guitar through it. The preamp has a very…

fugly stack of equalization

top of the heap of these ugly/beauty eq prototypes sits the newest ekadek eq test unit for the  4 channel – stereo mixer kaimaitron. smashing brittle two shelf freqing top end – swishey sweeping midrange – fat booming two shelf freqing bottom end.

kaimaitron keeps evolving

plans on the bench for this colour kaimaitron 4 channel mic/instrument amplifier. all transistor. complete with sweet neveish 3 band equalizers, stereo bus, and simple monitors/headphones control. quite large size 505mmx345mm. big sound and flexibility. perfect for tracking – overdubbing – and mixing.

kaimaitron going stereo

this new 4 channel kaimaitron has extra tricks. each channel can be inserted with processors / fx – switched – and panned thru into a 2 bus.. and along with two further stereo inputs .. has become a beaut stereo mixer. all transistor . has simple monitor control part too so is  a complete small…

ekadek luxury phonozoopa

super hi-fi music mixer. tube / fet / transistor phono amps. sweet neve-ish console equalizer. fat! 1972 neve-ish transistor amps. potentially bitching mic/instrument channel.  playable effects loop for dramatic functionality.  very tricky music/fx cue headphone system.  2 band >80hz< outputs. testimonies of previous phonozoopa incarnations…. Nathan Haines. composer/musician. “It really is something very very special.…