getting back to a simple preamp . this PHONOZOOPA-MINI. sweet and fat 4 stage fet-tube-transistor phono preamp. no!chips. all transistor amplifiers thru the line input amp – post Xfader mix amp – 2 stage neve eq – cue output and headphone amplifiers. an astounding sound clear and dynamics like 3D . the pictured mini – zoopa is mono – the left and right sides of the phono and line inputs are selective mixed . then all the processing and output is a single channel. it’s made for sound system minimalists. so that it can be just 2600 nz$. a luxury stereo model is only 4700 nz$. optional – a mono model (pic) built-in with sub.kick.mid.hi.super hi xover amplifier. the means to control a 4/5 way one trillion watt stack . xover is all transistor. no!chips. 4900 nz$.