ekadek listenator

studio monitoring controller.
all fat and clear transistor amplifiers.
3 stereo inputs.
3 stereo outputs.
with switching functions: stereo-reverse .mono. solo left/right.
2 separate stereo headphone amplifiers.

750 us$ includes shipping.

the transparency of the audio is the most important thing.  not cloudy.
super clarity and open fatness of simple transistor amplifiers.
utterly flat fat frequency response. low low impedance output. simple class a transistor tech. miles of headroom. and quietness – no buzzes – harshness – hardness – crackly angry hissing. only smooth quiet quiet black background.
listenator / fenkner owners say that they never never have heard so much sound in their music .
serato nz minion zebulon bult replaced his mackie bigknob with a listenator/mini fenk ..”Hi Greg, the fenk sounds great, I listened to music for a couple of hours last night. I instantly noticed the mid range was not smeary, snare drums sounded tighter & overall it sounded like there was more space & depth in that range. The low end seems to be more defined, so frequencies in the upper low range sound less boomy, low lows sound tight & thick. The high frequencies sound less fatigued & cloudy. In a nutshell, it sounds like I have removed a kind of hifi emulation from my signal path. I love this thing, it sounds fantastic, thank you very much. Zeb.”

alex beck in melbourne wrote back “Hi Greg! I’ve been using the Fenkner a lot this past week . All I can say is… Amazing! This thing is a freaking work of art. Sounds crystal clear and has fit seamlessly into my workflow. Everyone who comes into the studio is blown away by it! ”