heres a jam of a new track. called PHILLRAY GABRIEL. the bass drum, ‘hand hats’ and drum machine beat is by Phill Lambert. guitar by Gabriel Everett. korg and RAY DELAY effects by me. my little daughter (nearly 4) jammed this great little tune with her toy organ and vocal cuteness BOOB. i mastered a new sugarlicks album too.”the ghost tones”. ultra cool urban voodoo groove post funk ? i’m doing a remix for december release of a ghost tones track. “hoolahoop champion”. voodoo sufi soup. in the workshop.  designed and tested a new discrete headphone amplifier for the anritsu-neve-mixer and have made the neve preamp boards. ive got all the parts and im just a few clear days away from finishing it. and. ive met a website ninja electric badge who is  organising some awesome new things for big developments. very excited bout that.