David Chechelashvili  is a well known modular synth nut and mastering engine ear  around new zealand . he’s  also a tutor at the S.A.E. up in auckland. his words…

“I’ve had the Klankaswoopa for a few days during which I ran vocals (condenser mic C414) and bass guitar through it.

The preamp has a very smooth top end and natural, rich mids along with grunty bottom end. It’s smooth without being dull with a dollop of that classy vintage sound. The mid-range richness is really what impressed me the most, especially on male vocals; super detailed exciting to listen to. When pushed, the preamp distorts in the most wonderful way. Sounded really good on the bass. It’s super easy to use and having all the controls and I/O on the front panel is awesome. Love the addition of phase flip and pad controls that make the preamp a great solution for people that are looking for superior, uncompromisingly analogue sound and practical convenience of a standalone box that is easy to incorporate into an existing studio setup. Greg you wonderful genius, what an awesome piece of kit!”

thanks for for considerations and good writing dave!