klankaloopa amplifire

the klanka loopa single channel transistor mic / instrument preamp which has an effects loop built in. with fx send and fx return and output mixer amplifiers. made of proper recording console  electronics. no chips.  the sound of this amp is fat and natural and clear.  but is very capable of disaster distortion effects. and with the fx loopa, becomes the most funky single channel front end for studio or stage setups. in a recording or jamming session space it’s simple  and intuitive to prepare a sound that includes favorite sound effects – very efficiently managed – to produce an output stream that is complete. and is entirely fine tunable and functionally playable. with gain/volume/mixture/dry/wet mute, and phase changing abilities.

it contains seven modules of the simple ‘ekadek’ A-class TR4  transistor  amplifire. no!chips. just simple tough hi fi from 1972… same ones as in the kaimaitron 4 channel and all other small and large ekadek recording consoles. fat and clear.

all the connections are available at the front panel for this design. no reach around. the microphone input has proper pad and linear clean 48V power. the direct input can be attenuated for line levels or let loose for direct bass – keyboard – guitar . the ‘gain’ knob controls the degree of negative feedback around the first amplifier. it can be set for clean or quite a bit loud and dirty. the ‘out’ control feeds the output amplifier so as to create the best level to feed to a recorder computer what have u.

the fx send picks off an appropriate level from the mic/instrument amp – to send to an effect pedal or processor, and has a mute switch to play with. that mute switch can be extended out to a foot pedal switcher via the remote socket. the fx unit returns to a pickup amplifier whose volume feeds into the output bus alongside the dry mic/direct/line signal.

the simple transistor amplifiers produce clear rich tones , DC to daylight frequency response, super fast dynamics and low low self noise. a crazy thick sound can be produced by direct patching the fx send direct back to the fx return and adding double signal and enrichedness into the output mixer . the sidechain parallel dimension(?)

the phase of the mic preamp signal can be switched 180 degrees, which is especially good for singers listening ‘live’. mics and leads may be wild and an opposite phase at their ear is dam confusing. the alternate phase may sound more natural and clear to them which is great for vibe and confidence and to make well considered decisions about mic distancing . the fx return channel also has a phase switch which is bloody handy to fix the occasional out-of-phaseness coming from various fx pedals – or the switch can be a great fx in itself. any switch that is capable of producing a dramatic change – in a performance sense – is potentially a useful one. that’s my m.o and im sticky to it.