just in the last push to the finish line now. ive been testing and calibrating and playing today with all kinds of audio sources. mostly to try and work out a satisfying meter level. having the klang channels all fired up  inside to sound good. and what one sees to look like on the meters. o set. and then matching that into a soundcard device’s headroom. juggling. more complicated systems than this one have all sorts of buffer amplifier stages to make it seem right. the klang boy is free from that mutation.  but where to set the meters eh?    +10 for the entire board sounds great! “but can e take it capn . converters gonna blow”  igor is madly rear engineering the main neve 535 boards so as uncover a possible solution part. my gut feeling (tho fruitful his labour will be) is that the amplifier has to go just as fat as a big fat amplifier has to go to feel good. im just raving … heres the movie.

Klang : The Movie