i have a ton of gear making atm. those crazy electric badge dudes have hired me to make this small recording console. so my days are filled with the million details it takes to handmake a thing like this.  12  recording channels/direct outputs (8 with mic amps). two stereo mix busses. 4 aux mix busses. afl/pfl-ed up to the earballs.  thats a 9 x handmade  buss mixer! lo-fi talkback & hi-fi phones amp. big old (ex rca transmitter circa 1942)  vu meters . and a full loaded termination/patching bay connecting ronans entire studio to it .  uses all new old stock neve electronics. b538 as preamps and b535 line poweramps. awesome fatness!  these photos are all about the big picture coming quickly together ready for the deal of intense electro engineering. thanks nalco aluminium for cnc routing the panel up and to ryan @ powersurge metalworks for making the console frame. and to mathew at fabrika building design for the panel drilling co-ordinates.