this biggest single thing ive ever made just blew my client away by the sounds of it.  heres his first words after the first blasting with a brand new klangenschmitt gogo model. “KLANG IS HERE! I have been non-stop Klanging it up all afternoon ( btw: thanks for an amazing packing job.  it would have survived Armageddon in that crate). btw: The Ekadek wrestling cape is the best! I’m only now just resurfacing to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I admit I was lost lost lost for a while with its army of options – but I slowly had one a-ha moment after the other as I got to grips with it.  I haven’t been sleeping well since I knew it was in town – as excited as a little kid. She is more beautiful and nicely made than any photo could show – takes the light well from every angle and the power supply is like a diving bell had a fight with 20’s radio. matches the style of the meters. that hot rod touch came out really well with the hooded meters blinking away. build quality its universally superb. all the knobs have a strong feel and all the right ones are detented. the preamps too sound really strong – I’m still sussing the various gain stages sounds but they’re clear and clean with just the right amount of over the top as the pedal hits the metal.  Our singer had a test and was loving them for her voice. The Klangenschmitt  just makes music sound exciting – I hear all kinds of intricate details from my speakers that I wasn’t getting before. gutsy too – like just the amount of gravy is always there on ..err..tap J.   Its like a transformer ( the robot kind ) has just collapsed into my room with the mission of making my stuff sound better and giving me a better way of working. You completely went to town and I’m humbled by this beast of a thing –  so many other things to mention – the busses had me mega confused until I realized that you’d pulled them off without them actually ‘using up’ a channel – sort of as assignable as a digital system – its genius! plus with each able to run 2 ( or 3 with the d.i ) channels – it makes a/b-ing a cinch. it does the boogaloo with options to the point where I can’t really see running out of channels for anything –   Its so original and inspired. it just takes everything and suggests really interesting ways of working. monitoring is uncannily easy – the ‘monitor mode’ is a really nice idea with the A buss taking control . same too with all the soloing and isolating options, the comprehensive right/left/mono/dim controls. plus the cool talkback button. the monitoring options are so slick – love those little silver buttons there too.   I haven’t had zero latency before and this whole step up to a console at the heart of the sound rather than the computer is a big deal for me. I have absolutely zero niggles with it –  it just completely blitzes anything I’ve ever seen on the market and it’s the sort of desk that could spawn a music style!  it has a timewarped vibe but the ideas are so fresh. thankyou again for thinking of everything and making it possible.  You totally aced it.  Its more powerful that I could have imagined and its perfect. love it. every last daleky , Russian spaceship and uber-audio bit of it. speak to you soon. yours extremely gratefully .ronan. thankyou ronan. for courageously going ahead with this whole project. a real mission (and an expensive one) and im dam pleased and proud of  the result. heres the last of my nz photos of my klangenschmitt  gogo (thats me in the blue shirt smiling and waving). on with the next projects now. im making a valve limiter/mic amp AND a custom format discrete silicon and germanium transistor mic amp – for a Portuguese client. and another console! for a nz client.