james duncan guitarist creationist-contortionist for dimmer and sjd  and punches  bort a telefunken V372 module off of ebay and asked me to add a preamping stage to it.  so i made a neever preamp with a handmade mic inputting  transformer AND a switchable germanium transistor stage as well , the germ amp  does a  smoothe sweet  edge  to  top end when run at a ‘normal’ kind of level input. and  if you boost it’s input to overload it – wow it can really get on fire – a very sustained burnt up kind of distortion.  so –  a really fat and clean clean sound  OR  varying degrees of audio assassination badness  is available.

after james received the kaimai telefunking amp he quick-as wrote back –

“I hate to speak colloquially but “BRO” I had a crack on it last night and its off the hook. The neever section is just what i was looking for. Thick, warm and big.. I’m so very stoked. The Ger-mania section is crazy and will take a little getting used to, but in all honesty I was a little skeptical at first of the Pultec pre/guitar amp combo. Now its my number one recording guitar amp because of all the tubey tone possibilities. So I’m very much looking forward to finding out how to use it. (ek – not quite sure what james is saying  right there – but he’s quite left field so maybe he’s actually fallen off of the field all together) This pre is a total win Greg. Thanks! “

the kaimai telefunken will surprise and amaze . a  different voice which can be like a gentle horned diva or mangley bitch with guts hanging loose. blood. yes a buttload of blood. … got to get out more.