i been busy with this album mix of 11 tunes . they all more or less fit into this patched analog set up from an 8 output soundcard (001 for this project). the fat ladys, milli amps, and brian are all limiter amplifiers. klau, ekai, ekat, pev, and astor are equalisers. german is a germanium transistor line amplifier i have. it loves very smooth sounding instruments. seems to give the string parts extra bite! with no added top end. hmmm good ol harmonic distortion. we’ve been well pleased with the results. mixing all the songs thru the similar outboard chains made it so easy to make a great sound for all the songs. and. even tho all the songs feature different musicians and cultural styles, the album doesnt sound chopped up like a  compilation album.look for the PEOPLE IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD record (i’ll link more detail later) and performance at WOMAD.  new plymouth march 13 14 15 .

this is ray the delay (hanging off aux send A) and K-TEE is my Klark Teknik analogue time processor. the Vortex Verb is a valve spring reverb. totally old school.