an artist client wanted my old leak 20 system. bad. and ive had it sitting upright whilst fixing the preamp . and ive grown accustomed to the new vibe. the power amp has a custom dual trafo power supply right at the bottom there. and the amp chassis … with the original single power trafo removed … looks like it’s got great big golden balls.  the point one stereo preamp has new bass and treble controls which improved the sound action adjustment effects  hugely of course. no small feat. the bass  is a  5 meg lin dual!  try and buy that from the dairy. i found  5meg board mount pots and some other dual pots by the same manufacturer & swapped out the resistor elements. he has a new balance control circuit too. it attenuates on the input circuit now, rather than the output. the overall sound is much alive with that preamp output loading left off. the wharfdales are my workshop throwaways but you can tell that pumping up some longlegged altecs with extra horn bossoombas is going to rock it. woof!. (i definitely have to get out more)