sold to one of my biggest fans. leslie boinkin. he wanted this stack of gear  because ”  I love it love it love it, and  so many thanks. this is all i ever wanted and dreamed of ! no shit. it is like a dream come true”. i made the price of this ‘threesome’ low low low for leslie because i want to clear my studio out and build all new gear with all the parts i got. more limiters and eqs and a flash new mixer extension.  a new tape echo design. and a control mixer/tester for mr ampex. anyways … back to the stack. ROJER VALVE EQ is on top. boosting – cutting top and bottom end with a graduated hi cutting filter too. for taming those sometimes too scratchy high frequencies. rojer’s final amp is a PULTEC MB1 (my clone) so it has a real powerful line sound. theres a microphone stage before the eq that has adjustable negative feedback gain control. phantom 48 volts is swithable.  BRIAN IS A FATLADY VARI MU LIMITING AMPLIFIER . i use a matched pair of EF83 remote cutoff tubes and a balanced voltage amp 12ax7 12au7. the control signal is derived from a 6al5 and a regulator tube 150b2 is also in the circuit. the metering is driven from a 12au7. the attack / release controls have very useful & dramatic characteristics. at bottom FENKNER 08 is  several devices built into one. a whole studio in a box. twin channel mic / direct instrument amplifier AND outboard stereo panning mixer 8 channels AND control room monitor switcher  AND heaphone monitor switcher. all with neve B535 & B538 electronics.