bevan has writen back after living commando style. seems he has trouble of the balls in the wifes purse variety tho . .. hes not the only one mate . just goes to show how much trouble a man will go thru to run with the good stuff. ekadek stuff. read on.  Hi Greg.    Sorry it has taken such a long time to email you, but I’m guessing you’ve been fairly pre-occupied with the big shift in any case.
I hear you’re in Matamata now? Hope you found a nice place and are enjoying the lovely country life.

The studio has been up and running for a couple of months now. I’ve recorded a couple of local teen bands, a local jazz trio, some school bands from Hauraki Plains College (music teacher is a good friend) and a couple of other things. I’ve got lots of people lined up keen to make use of the space so I’m happy with how it has turned out.

Gear-wise, I’ve got a simple but effective setup. I’ve been recording drums with just a beta52 on kick, sm57 on snare and a TLM -102 as a single overhead. All going through the very classy Ekadek Commando (the original that is!). My lovely 60s Rogers kit sounds awesome through it. I’ve used the DI for the bass guitar (1974 Hayman 4040!), as well as a ribbon mic, and both sound warm and full. For vocals, I’ve tried the TLM-102 and the ribbon mic and it’s hard to pick which is better. Such a different sound of course but they both respond well through the preamps. (I like using the ribbon mic on vox and horns because you get to wind the gain and volume pots right the fuck up!).

Now, I do have a problem with the Commando. I’m already indebted to my lovely wife, as she basically funded it. Now I want another one because it seems such a shame to not put everything through such awesome preamplification when recording a band live. Ah, I will just have to be patient I guess, and save my pennies…

Anyway, I am completely stoked with my Commando. It is the centrepiece of the studio, and I’m honoured to have one of your fantastic creations.

I am already thinking about the next one. My ultimate setup would be to have another 4 channel commando just like the original, with an additional 2u rack of input meters, patched into both preamp racks. Is that possible? Wouldn’t be in the near future though, so just something to think about.

Anyway, hope everything is going well for you and the family.
Thanks again