a  client had purchased a heap of black lion audio gear . he has liked the sound from the units – and reckoned they represented quite good ‘sonic trustworthy’ value — except for the build quality and control component (pots) quality and robustness. dam cheap little things. busted and broken after only a bit of use. i discovered that quite alot of them weren’t even soldered in … like  –   at all at all- just sitting there ‘plugged’ into the board – no soldering.  w.t.f.  anyway…  after he’d tried my  gyrator ten8tor luxury stereo eq (loved it’s sound and quality) he decided to have me turn his dual mono black lion gear into stereo control stuff . wow. i did not see that coming.  crazy? yes! dumb? no!  so far i’ve stripped the mono parts off the black lion boards. and prepped some metalwork and collected the strange value stereo pots  and parts.