mixers . little or huge

Details: sizes – from four to twenty four. custom made. full range of functions available. mic channels / line channels / phono channels fx sends – multi buses – solo monitoring – equalizers – filters – xovers. full!  monitor control all made from transistor or tube amplifiers. no chips. just clear fat sound mixing.  …

Phonoekagrapha Tube / Transistor DJ Preamp

phono. DJ. soundsystem preamps

  ekadek PHONOZOOPA  
tube and transistor super HIFI PHONO / line preamp mixer. 
with tube phono, mic amp, eq amplifier. fx loop.  and 2 band  output.
 can play a record to sound the biggest and richest it can be.
 clear and fat!  an expansive widescreen sound
 right back into the depth of the recording.

klankaloopa Preamp

the klanka loopa single channel transistor mic / instrument preamp which has an effects loop built in. with fx send and fx return and output mixer amplifiers. made of proper recording console  electronics. no chips.  the sound of this amp is fat and natural and clear.  but is very capable of disaster distortion effects. and…

Fatlady Varimu Tube Limiter

Fat Lady Varimu Tube Limiter

Details: THE FAT LADY is a proper balanced topology vari-mu limiting amp.  6 tubes . she’s lush and character enhancing. she will  conjure up all manner of sweet rich presence and clear clear distance.  she equally loves instruments and voices and drums. meanwhile.. back on the w.a ranch… Ronan’s (ronan charles of aerialrecording )fat ladys…

listenator monitor controller

ekadek listenator studio monitoring controller. all fat and clear transistor amplifiers. 3 stereo inputs. 3 stereo outputs. with switching functions: stereo-reverse .mono. solo left/right. 2 separate stereo headphone amplifiers. 750 us$ includes shipping. the transparency of the audio is the most important thing.  not cloudy.
super clarity and open fatness of simple transistor amplifiers.
utterly flat fat…