this is the latest ekadek commission.  a totally fantastic 16 channel tube line amplifier. 32 tube total 20 rack units. this is the 25 kilohm sensitive floating front end destined to output onto the faders of a valve mixing console.  my client already has many fine flavoured mike pres and eqs and he needed a hi quality tube stage to steady all the different gains and strengths of that mixture of machines.  the 16 channels are all of the pultec MB1 two tube amplifier design  negative feedback gain controlled stages for low distortion & high gain. flat out dc to daylight freq response. and perfectly noiseless enough . these drawings are first off ideas that look pretty comic. but they were good renditions to speak about and refine into cnc able artwork. theres actually two chassis of eight channels each and a separate power supply. the metalwork is being made as i type cross fingers.