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cat visconti arriving

the cat visconti channel is almost gasp. complete.  just waiting now for a final bit of metal worked rear ass covering solution . sounding perfect . it’s made to be a best quality mono recording channel with mic/di/line stages and 4 way eq and filters with processor insertabilty. the output of that can mix (or not) with two stereo line inputs. the listenator function runs either the alone channel or the mixture of the alone channel with the stereo inputs -  into one of two selected pairs of speakers.  alla fenkner functionality.

scorpion final assemblage

yesterday i picked up the fresh anodized metalwork from tokoroa. marcel from advanced anodizers reckons  he and his crew never have any infections from cuts and scratches. the chemicals have fried all the germs. i wanna take a bath in that stuff. cos i have so many cuts and grazes. i also bort some awesome records from the methodist op shop there.  linda ronstadt – heart like a wheel. mint, echo and the bunnymen  45rpm the cutter , cat stevens – tea for the tillaman, roxy music – flesh and blood, and john barry – conducting an orchestra playing his most famous film soundtrack themes. fantastic. im always struck by the number of ray coniff.englebert humperdink. james last, accordion party hits,  moog meets pop records, and harry freaking seacombe christmas albums . i guess i was too late for the really good old shit. my turntable has worked overtime today. my neices are staying atm . they love saturday nite fever and abba. im glad to oblige cos thats (embarrassing?) is the music of of my teen years. what a old fart.
tomorrow i’ll finish  fine wiring  the scorpion chopped up and start him up i reckon. ooh , and we bort an old dishwasher today – heaven – in a most beaut schlubbish way. no more wasted hours a day, just another noisy 20th century machine all up the place.

scorpion at the chop shop

a client got himself a tac scorpion 12 – 8 – 2 . straight out of amek california 1987. these consoles were fairly  big and heavy. made solid out of quality materials really. and  representing for a heap of bang for your bucks in their day. and actually still now. an assfull were sold back then for only about 6000us$ each.  inexpensive because of the ship technology.  only to be mothballed thru the nineties as computers and software took over the recording world. along with every other world.  im making a 12  chopped channelled racked  version of the scorpion for him. the electronics is being rechipped and capped with the newest fangled devices to quicken up to compete for the 21st century.  even tho i dont really personally ‘approve’  (old school snob)  of full chain integrated circuit designs like this scorpion..  the new compact rack mounted package is an attractive one. a dozen very tight sounding mic amps with powerful good sounding equalizers ready suited to plug straight into any multichannel soundcard.  ive just moved to matamata so this job is testing the local industry. i get metal cut and shaped in tauranga. a perfect drive over the kaimai ranges. and anodized in tokaroa. a quick spin down a different highway. my parts coming from sydney and UK were quicker ! than when i was in auckland. theres no traffic lites here. awesome.