control room toolery

klangenschmitt gogo model 1. finished august2009.12 neve mic/di/line/ preamps/channel line amps … feeding 2 stereo busses and 4 auxiliary busses. complete studio listening switching . separate headphone monitoring with talkback and auto control room dimming. full control room channel afl function on every input and output.  full blown patchbay containing multicore outboard connections to 2 eight track recording systems and 20 other outboard devices. the fattest sounding sexiest feeling little recording/mixing desk ever.

oops and then i made that one. gogo 2  is 16 into 4 subgroups into 2 mix. 2 auxially sends. all transistor. with pfl and control room facility . very nice slimline chassis.

and this is state of mind’s live console. 14 transistor channels into 4 (subgroups have eq) into 2 mix.  with an output  distribution amp independantly controlling stereo levels to  -  stage -  house -   phones.  just exactly what they needed for their stage setup. they mix themselves and have control of their own stage monitor sound as well as a feed to the front of house mix.

heres some smaller mixer / control room selectors that ive made. these two are twin channel pultec MB1 mic/line/di amps with neve ish discrete control room listen select amps. (stereo/mono/ left solo/right solo/4 stereo source selected/2 amp sends/big ol ampex meters). the fenkner brothers. (named) seven & seven thousand.

this 10 channel eqing beauty is at OO1 studios in melbourne. its a discrete 3 way(sweepable mid) eq. mic or line input. with HPF and switched solo-ing circuit and single VU. the channels came from my mixing desk.

this is the cambridge mixer in my rig (the above 10 channel eq comes from it). its 14 channels – 2 pre/post fader aux outputs – mix outputs – small speaker p.a. 4 stereo input control room listen select section. its all discrete. miles of headroom. deathly quiet. super dynamic. the 4 transistor building block amplifier is very similar to the classic 1073 style neve design .. with not so much capacitive compensation. once upon a mix several years ago id hired a little neve board to extend out my rooms capability. so i hooked the cambridge into the neve master … and then tried it the other way. believe it or not the cambridge sounded better … fatter … as the ouput mixer.


the ekadek mixmaster. (below)this belongs to sugarlicks. its got 6 discrete (cambridge neve ish) input channels and an stereo MB1 tube mix ouput stage. also a 4 stereo input control room listen select section. very fat and ultra clear.


this mixmaster (below) is at kog transmissions mastering studio. it has 2 stereo neve ish transistor inputs and one stereo MB1 tube line input stage. they either feed output equipment or a/d lines to computer. it has 2 stereo aux outputs. one stereo mix output. and a control room listen select section. this section has stereo/mono – stereo/reverse – left solo/right solo switching and output amp select. the 10 way control listen select enables monitoring of any input or output of any amplifier or chain of outboard equipment or amplifiers in the system.

these (below)images are of the neve 535 stereo boards i have. they are from a telecommunications network computer automated patching bay system. any output from any studio could be computer switched to anywhere else in the building. they sound very fat. very clean. aliveness electrified. i use them as mix bus amplifiers.