LUXURY STEREO OPERATION . each ( of 20) switch and control is working the two eq channels simultaneous.

18db /oct low end filter 27hz.
18db/oct hi end filter 18khz.12k.8k2.5k6.3k9.
treble boost-cut 15khz.10k.6k8.4k7.3k3. peak or shelf.
bass boost-cut 33hz. peak or shelf.

lo midrange 24 step boost-cut  in 24steps sweeping  from 77hz – 1.2 khz.  transistor gyrator circuit.

hi midrange continuous boost-cut sweeping continuous from 270hz – 6 khz. transistor gyrator circuit with turbo and hi Q functions.

the  design is all transistor. era of neve 1080 console channel strips in regards filtering & bass-treble circuits. the bass is fat and clear and warm. seems to go forever. the treble is clean and shattering – not harsh.

the active gyrator bandpass midrange stages are similar to the adr – massenberg – cambridge designs of the late seventies.

the transistor operational amplifiers are of our own small  class a design. the eq has an accurate and clear tone – its easy to get a good sound from these. use to a subtle extent and colour or blast off to super creative souping up in stereo.


over time i had collected enough parts to make this all neve line eq preamp. it uses a pair of neve ba283 and  a pair of part of ba284 to make up the 2 way eq. ba283 & ba284 come from the famous early 70′s neve 1073 mic/line/eq chassis. it is very very sweet and smooth and does have .that. sound. big and clean.

nick lee (malaysia) has this unit in his mastering studio now. his words… “Hi Greg, Got the unit today. Wow!!! I’m astonished!!! There’s definitely some magic happening inside.. so many tone variations when driving the input and balancing with the master output. The EQ is extremely robust, in fact, it’s got more mojo than my Manley EQ. I really like the 35Hz and 60Hz freqs, seems to bring it out more with a ’3D’ sort of feel without affecting the rest of the spectrum. This EQ is really something man, very very nice indeed.”

this is my neumann P.E.V eq. (pair) out of a tv broadcasting studio console. these are hi quality very expensive sounding units. fat and smooth. ray emery got them from an old mastering set up. they were feeding a cutting lathe from a tape recorder.


this is my klaupunkd channel. these single mic/line/eq dicrete channels came from a live sound desk that was designed and built by bob clow in melbourne late 60s. its first gig was for jesus christ superstar at the forum theatre. ray emery rescued it from a dumpsta. the klau has a fantastic sound. very tight top end and a large dimensioned bottom. the midrange boost is bitchy . very characterfull. klau loves being overdriven by gain (negative feedback control) and input/output level frigging.


a couple of images of the NEVE-ISH  ten81 project im making.  MAY09