Monthly Archive for November, 2009

klangenschmitt gogo model 2

friday i got the new mixer panel back from the painters. last week i’d letter stamped it and now its ready to start building onto. its a 20 input channel – into 4 recording subgroups – into stereo2mix -  recording/mixing board with 2 auxiliary sends. 4  input channels have microphone inputs. 8 are instrument or line channels. 4 are simple direct to mix returns. then there are 4 tape monitoring channels. theres an afl system. and control room listening switcher. and a test audio oscillator. there will be a bridge of  6 vu meters in that space provided. a fairly large build actually. next photo will be with all the parts fitted to the panel ready for wiring up.

postcard to portugal

a client in portugal wanted something completely hot rod. so after many interweb deliberations i/we have designed and made this 11 rack unit audio submarine amplifier.  5 microphone channels – 1 fat lady valve limiter amp – germanium mic amp line amp preamp -  silicon transistor mic amp/mixing amp. and a valve mic amp.  i made a pretty special rate up for the cousteau diogo hot rod submarine .a heap of bang for not a lot (euro)buck. seeing as i’ve been able to pretty much make these items out of parts in stock. yep … it mite seem to look scruffy but i know hes going to be  blown away by how it all sounds.  and it is as tidy as it requires to be. any tidier would not sound any better. and i dont mind a messey household sometimes. lifes too short. im up to the final stages now of repainting the rustiest panel – then labelling and fitting some galvanised steel covers.

new music from the ekadek teebird

ekadek couch party

ekadek couch party

my little daughter found me and drew me on the chez couch. evidence. shes there on the left …with butterflies above her. and have a listen to this track of us playing in the studio. she sings and i have the korg ms20.  i mixed it all whooped up with my echos and phhazer.   this is an 3min46sec  mp3 off  the playback of my ampex 351. lulubird1

this other track features more of the family. and some beaut old vocals by ivan davis. recorded in melbourne 1992 for a dancer .  the largess beat (after the softish intro)  is a looping remix from an outro of some other ekadek thing from the pile. play it.  it is 4min43sec. and it has an awesome very end. ivanbird1

leslie boinkin and diogo got back after listening into lulubird and ivanbird. great jams as usual from the studio, good to hear the family in there, i must do more quirky recordings with the clan aswell, georgous!  thanks again EK. the gear you have helped me with over these years has enabled me to make “REAL” music……good music?…BIG music!!!  thats it BIG music. much love. boinkin hi ek, first of all let me say that the tunes you got on the website are really cool :) really really cool…the first one immediately reminded me of “the shinning”, a movie that i first saw when i was 8, gotta thank my mother for that one. really atmospheric, intense and and eerie stuff, i really liked both of them, especially the second one, although your baby girl on the first one is incredibly awesome. what’s that sound on the second one, that sounds like an eerie owl…sounds like something oscillating…especially at about 1/3 of the song, can you tell me what it is? sounds like some twin peaks vocals or something, but i bet it’s a synth, isn’t it . maybe not. everything sounds great btw,  really textured. great work sir :)